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Riding a bike was knocked down a good brother in the cold wind has been squatting help the elderly
Time:2016-11-28   Source:Jinhua Enjoycare Motive Technology Co.,LTD.
The morning of November 27, 2016, Wuhu City, Anhui Province, Zheshan Road, two vehicles collided with a traffic accident, driving a SUV driver at a turn of the car hit a bike at the junction of the old aunt, because inertia , The car front of the bike hit a nearly 10 meters away, the old man fell to the ground after being hit can not afford, at this time a driver of a taxi driver just happened to encounter the accident, he promptly lend a helping hand in the cold, The master of the elderly brother propped up, has been squatting leaning on Aunt. Until the traffic police, 120 ambulances rushed to the scene, the elderly in a timely manner to the hospital for treatment.
     After 19 years, Ma Benxuan has done a lot of pieces to help others, courageous, lost money, touching things, has won the Wuhu City, May 1 Labor ( Wuhu City, Medals, moral model, more than 20 honorary titles, selected posts in Anhui Province, Lei Feng pacesetter.
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